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Counselling & Therapy Testimonials

Deborah is intuitive and so skilled at noticing and guiding me through the therapy. She is totally accepting of me and I have been more honest with her than with…read more

I’ve worked with Deborah for nearly a year. I’m glad that she’s patient because it has been a real struggle for me to unearth the way I’ve been blocking myself.…read more

Deborah has been incredible at helping me deal with the loss of an important family member to which I was very close. Subsequently she has been invaluable at helping me…read more

After experiencing a miscarriage at 12 weeks whilst I was travelling in another country at the end of last year, I was left feeling heartbroken, angry and somewhat traumatised by…read more

Deborah has a very calming presence and is a great listener. I have a sense she is deeply interested in what I have to say and at the same time,…read more

From the very first session I could tell that I was in the presence of someone who is truly authentic: an expert in her field. Deborah has worked with and…read more

I feel blessed to have found Deborah. Deborah is kind, perceptive and playful (a quality I find very helpful in therapy). I feel aligned and restored from the work I…read more

I felt shy to begin with, but Deborah instantly made me feel at ease. She was such a good listener that I was suddenly pouring my heart out to her…read more

I’d love to chat to you about any struggles, blocks or issues you are facing, and see how I could help.

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