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Deborah Clarke Life Therapy Coaching

As a fully trained life coach, counsellor and mind-body therapist I know how much of a difference it makes having someone listen, support, and accompany you on your journey as you confront your challenges, fears and help you become best version of yourself. I feel passionate about helping people grow in this way.

At Life Therapy Coaching I provide specialist, personalised coaching and therapy services both online and face-to-face at my welcoming garden studio in Oxfordshire.

I offer a combination of fast-acting and effective mind-body and talking therapies, working with you to find the approach best suited to you. My sessions are a safe and confidential place to talk about and explore your feelings, and work out anything you’d like to change in your life.

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Counselling & Therapy

Counselling & Therapy

More a journey than a quick-fix technique, talking to a trained counsellor can help you open up and self-analyse, to deal with everything from bereavement or depression to self-belief and confidence issues. I am an integrative psychotherapist who has creative and person-centred approach.


Everyone should do it. There are things you don’t realise affect you. Just talking about it has made me feel so much lighter and happier

I feel blessed to have found Deborah” . Deborah is kind, perceptive and playful, a quality I find very helpful in therapy.”

Wingwave® & Life Coaching

Wingwave® & Life Coaching

Coaching can help you rethink who you are and what you want to achieve, move beyond blocks that are stopping you in life, and help reconnect with your true self.


I have gained an ability to focus more positively and build on my strengths with honest and productive self-criticism

I had an emotional relationship with food; now I can really nurture myself

PBSP Therapy

PBSP Therapy

A fast-acting psychotherapy technique completing and resolving unmet needs and childhood wounds by creating new ‘memories’ to bring satisfaction, fulfilment and peace.


A weight has been lifted. I can breathe properly…

One of the most effective therapies I have ever experienced

Your sessions have helped me, and I have changed my life since then.

Watch the video with spiritual leader and author; Nicholas David Ngan as he speaks about his experience of Pesso Boyden Therapy in this online testimonial with Deborah.

Nicholas David Ngan
Spiritual Leader and Author

Thank you again for coming to do such incredible work with us! The session went not as I had imagined at all. Totally humbled. It’s so beautiful to see how life brings what you need at that time and nothing more. I have felt very content since and very calm.…read more


Two days ago, I went for my second session of what has been called the Therapist's Therapy - Pesso Boyden, with Deborah Clarke in Oxfordshire. Now, I am a trained counsellor and had ten years of Gestalt psychotherapy plus countless workshops since. And nothing that I have witnessed comes close…read more

Brid Hanlon
Homeopath and Therapist

Deborah is one of those fortunate individuals who is doing what she is meant to be doing in this lifetime! She's an attentive and compassionate listener who creates a comfortable space for one to reach deep within themselves and bring out to the open. She is talented at identifying personality…read more

Dominic Rouvier
IT Consultant

After experiencing a miscarriage at 12 weeks whilst I was travelling in another country at the end of last year, I was left feeling heartbroken, angry and somewhat traumatised by the ordeal. In January I realised my grief was affecting my daily life and relationship, so I tried to get…read more

Holly Browne
Primary School Teacher

Deborah has a very calming presence and is a great listener. I have a sense she is deeply interested in what I have to say and at the same time, she could ask some really pertinent questions that takes me right to the core of who I am. If you…read more

Joyce Chiu Broadbent
Counsellor / Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master

From the very first session I could tell that I was in the presence of someone who is truly authentic: an expert in her field. Deborah has worked with and alongside me from the depths and breadth (as well as the heights!) of her wisdom, intuition, and experience. There has…read more


Deborah has been incredible at helping me deal with the loss of an important family member to which I was very close. Subsequently she has been invaluable at helping me prepare for and manage complex and sensitive family conversations and behaviour patterns. I would not be the strong person I…read more


I felt shy to begin with, but Deborah instantly made me feel at ease. She was such a good listener that I was suddenly pouring my heart out to her and became very emotional in our first session. Deborah was very patient and empathetic and helped me to work through…read more

Joyce Chiu Broadbent
Counsellor / Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master

With a history of physical and emotional trauma, I had previously undertaken psychotherapy and was drawn to this method of processing trauma when reading ‘The Body Keeps The Score’. Deborah made me feel at ease immediately and, even though separated via Zoom, I felt comfortable and relaxed. She held the…read more

Sarah Bryan

Deborah has an engaging style and is a great listener she is capable of making you feel relaxed from the first meeting. She has a natural sense of fun and can put across real challenges to your perception of yourself that do affront or offend. Her natural demeanour and style…read more

Rod Horrocks
Business Development

I was struck by the fact at the beginning of the day I was in a room full of strangers, but the group was wonderfully present and respectful. I can really relate to the woman who at the end of the day said ‘what the f**k just happened here?’ It…read more

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