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After experiencing a miscarriage at 12 weeks whilst I was travelling in another country at the end of last year, I was left feeling heartbroken, angry and somewhat traumatised by the ordeal. In January I realised my grief was affecting my daily life and relationship, so I tried to get some help and support via the NHS. Unfortunately, the waiting list for individual counselling was too long and, as I felt I needed more immediate help, I looked into other options. I was so grateful to find Deborah at that time. I had a few sessions with Deborah in her warm, inviting therapy room set up in the garden of her lovely home. For the following five months, Deborah and I had our sessions over video call which I believe were just as effective as if they had been in person.

Get in touch with Deborah today to find out more about these therapies and discuss how she could help you.

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