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From the very first session I could tell that I was in the presence of someone who is truly authentic: an expert in her field. Deborah has worked with and alongside me from the depths and breadth (as well as the heights!) of her wisdom, intuition, and experience.

There has always been the sense of being really understood by her, a feeling that she is beside me and travelling with me on my healing journey – however painful the terrain may be for me.

Working with Deborah has given me the precious experience of really feeling both seen and received while I have been working with her on some really difficult emotions/memories – at every moment she has met me precisely where I am, ready to offer healing skills and tools to help me and to calm any painful emotional wound that I may have been carrying deep within me for far too long

Get in touch with Deborah today to find out more about these therapies and discuss how she could help you.

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