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PBSP Therapy Testimonials

Simeon made this moving and eloquent film following his first experience of Pesso Boyden. Watch this film to find out more…read more

Watch the video with spiritual leader and author; Nicholas David Ngan as he speaks about his experience of Pesso Boyden…read more

My initial reaction was the joy of discovering the Pesso Boyden methodology the humane sensitive and intelligent form of therapy…read more

I have had significant challenges in my life with anxiety over many years. I have seen various therapists and learned…read more

When I woke up the following day it literally felt like someone had taken my brain out, changed it and…read more

Deborah is incredibly skilled and intuitive. She provided a real sense of safety enabling me to access some profound, core…read more

Thank you again for coming to do such incredible work with us! The session went not as I had imagined…read more

I cannot do justice to this amazing therapy. If you are looking for a highly effective, efficient way to deal…read more

Two days ago, I went for my second session of what has been called the Therapist's Therapy - Pesso Boyden,…read more

I was struck by the fact at the beginning of the day I was in a room full of strangers,…read more

I have found Pesso Boyden Therapy to be one of the most effective therapies I have ever experienced. Because you…read more

I started having Pesso Boyden with Deborah 2 years ago. I am a therapist myself and have had many different…read more

With a history of physical and emotional trauma, I had previously undertaken psychotherapy and was drawn to this method of…read more

I’d love to chat to you about any struggles, blocks or issues you are facing, and see how I could help.

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