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Residencies & Retreats

Our lives are not predestined, the world is not done, and we are not puppets in it. We are made genetically to be able to be happy in an imperfect world that is endlessly unfolding.

Albert Pesso

a 5-day transformational retreat in Cornwall




We are starting where all good stories begin ….

Rosemerryn House, a former artist’s home,  is set in beautiful woodland near Lamorna Cove, in the ancient heart of Cornwall.

“Rosemerryn woods is very healing and just the right space for a healing workshop”.

This is a rare opportunity to work in a small group over four days in the beautiful and tranquil setting of Rosemerryn Woods, in the ancient heart of Cornwall.

The most important journey in our lives is to reconnect and integrate all the different aspects of ourselves. To welcome home, enjoy a greater sense of self, and pleasure, joy and satisfaction in our lives.

Over the four days, we will work with a powerful mind-body therapy (Pesso-Boyden Psychomotor System), which will help us go deeper into ourselves and heal and resolve the obstacles and wounds from our past to focus on the present. The intention of this retreat is to provide a POSSIBILITY SPHERE of mutual trust and support where people can – in the words of Al Pesso – “become who they truly are”.

After you leave, you can choose to have a follow up telephone or online  session to help you integrate what you have learnt into your life.

Are you willing to dive deep?

Homecoming is an investment in yourself, in your life. I know it will demand a commitment from you, but if this feels right for you, do not hesitate. Reserve your place with a deposit or contact me and I will arrange a telephone session to talk to you, answer your questions and help you decide whether to sign up for this programme.



From participants who have been on a retreat or have experienced being part of a Pesso Boyden group.

The retreat gave me time to reflect on specific beliefs that hinder me from living a more fulfilled life.

I addressed deeper issues that I haven’t yet been able to do in a very safe, supportive space.

I had such a truly wonderful time, and I can’t thank you enough for having me as one of the participants! 

What a fantastic blend of people, what a beautiful place, and what an amazing experience

I have found Pesso Boyden Therapy to be one of the most effective therapies I have ever experienced.

The sick feeling I have had all my life has simply disappeared. I have been in therapy for four years, and it was surprising that one session could fix things that I have been working on all my life.

Bessel Van Der Kolk dedicated a chapter of his book ‘The Body Keeps The Score’ to this amazing method. Pesso Boyden Therapy can help you to rewire your negative thinking and dissolve unwanted patterns that keep you from enjoying your life.






The facilitator

Deborah Clarke

Deborah is a life coach and psychotherapist with over 18 years of experience. She is also an accredited  Pesso Boyden practitioner and supervisor.

The Cost of the Course:

£550 plus accommodation costs.

The cost of the accommodation for four nights is from £340 to £480.  This charge covers the cost of your accommodation, food and all hot drinks. Meals are vegan or vegetarian.

  • Share a Twin Room/double room with a shared bathroom is £340
  • Double room with a shared bathroom is £450
  • Double room with ensuite is £480

Dates and Timings:

Arrival 5pm on Saturday 15  to 11 am on Thursday 20 March 2025.

Booking and payment:

The deposit for this course is £80 and is non-refundable. Once you have paid the deposit, I can send you a form to complete and an invoice for the balance, which can be paid in instalments. For more information and bookings, please contact Deborah on



Cancellations with more than sixty days are refundable, except for the deposit. Cancellations within sixty days of the retreat are non-refundable. However, if possible, we will see if we can find another person to take your place.


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