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Two days ago, I went for my second session of what has been called the Therapist’s Therapy – Pesso Boyden, with Deborah Clarke in Oxfordshire. Now, I am a trained counsellor and had ten years of Gestalt psychotherapy plus countless workshops since. And nothing that I have witnessed comes close to the efficiency of this method for getting quickly to the heart of and healing past trauma. Through a series of role-play structures using objects, we get to externalise our inner world and see more clearly than ever before our reactions to people and events in the past. We then get to create the ‘ideal’ parents in the ideal context and rewrite the movie of our life. To the rational brain this sounds ridiculous and pointless, I know. But these structures have a power to transform the inner narrative that both drives and confines our functioning in the world. It is literally like rewiring your brain and senses!

After both sessions I felt as if potentials which had lain dormant all of my life, which I was unaware of, came to life. Who I can be, who I actually am, suddenly expanded. And there is NOTHING more exciting than that!!

Get in touch with Deborah today to find out more about these therapies and discuss how she could help you.

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