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I was struck by the fact at the beginning of the day I was in a room full of strangers, but the group was wonderfully present and respectful. I can really relate to the woman who at the end of the day said ‘what the f**k just happened here?’ It was so different to the way we communicate in the world.

Moment to moment it was incredible exercise in love and in present. The issues people dealt with were not exactly the same as me, but it was all attachment issues and I could relate to everyone in that respect. It was an emotional experience. Watching people never allowed to be children, being bereft. I understood these experiences and here I can get my own needs met. Now I feel closer to my real mother, father and sister. I can feel the little girl, then I can understand the delayed response, the façade that comes up to protect myself because of the things that happened to me early on.

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