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Deborah is intuitive and so skilled at noticing and guiding me through the therapy. She is totally accepting of me and I have been more honest with her than with any other therapist. I can be my real self with her because I trust her.”

I’ve worked with Deborah for nearly a year. I’m glad that she’s patient because it has been a real struggle for me to unearth the way I’ve been blocking myself. We have found many interesting things on the way. Deborah is a sensitive and wise therapist; she makes a safe space for me to try to untangle the knots of my soul. Thank you, Deborah!

Deborah has been incredible at helping me deal with the loss of an important family member to which I was very close. Subsequently she has been invaluable at helping me prepare for and manage complex and sensitive family conversations and behaviour patterns. I would not be the strong person I am now, I don’t believe if it wasn’t for Deborah’s guidance over the last few years.

After experiencing a miscarriage at 12 weeks whilst I was travelling in another country at the end of last year, I was left feeling heartbroken, angry and somewhat traumatised by the ordeal. In January I realised my grief was affecting my daily life and relationship, so I tried to get some help and support via the NHS. Unfortunately, the waiting list for individual counselling was too long and, as I felt I needed more immediate help, I looked into other options. I was so grateful to find Deborah at that time. I had a few sessions with Deborah in her warm, inviting therapy room set up in the garden of her lovely home. For the following five months, Deborah and I had our sessions over video call which I believe were just as effective as if they had been in person.

Deborah has a very calming presence and is a great listener. I have a sense she is deeply interested in what I have to say and at the same time, she could ask some really pertinent questions that takes me right to the core of who I am. If you are interested in exploring who you are in a safe and accepting environment and being challenged in a way you don’t even know you are, then Deborah is for you.

From the very first session I could tell that I was in the presence of someone who is truly authentic: an expert in her field. Deborah has worked with and alongside me from the depths and breadth (as well as the heights!) of her wisdom, intuition, and experience.

There has always been the sense of being really understood by her, a feeling that she is beside me and travelling with me on my healing journey – however painful the terrain may be for me.

Working with Deborah has given me the precious experience of really feeling both seen and received while I have been working with her on some really difficult emotions/memories – at every moment she has met me precisely where I am, ready to offer healing skills and tools to help me and to calm any painful emotional wound that I may have been carrying deep within me for far too long

I feel blessed to have found Deborah. Deborah is kind, perceptive and playful (a quality I find very helpful in therapy). I feel aligned and restored from the work I have done with Deborah. I feel more whole, more me. Thank you Deborah for the kind, loving, insightful and joyful presence you bring to this work. Huge heart gratitude.

I felt shy to begin with, but Deborah instantly made me feel at ease. She was such a good listener that I was suddenly pouring my heart out to her and became very emotional in our first session. Deborah was very patient and empathetic and helped me to work through my feelings over the next few months. Her expertise and knowledge were outstanding, as was her ability to fully understand my anxieties and needs. I don’t know how I would’ve got through this year without Deborah’s support and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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