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Simeon made this moving and eloquent film following his first experience of Pesso Boyden. Watch this film to find out more about this ‘amazing method’.

Watch the video with spiritual leader and author; Nicholas David Ngan as he speaks about his experience of Pesso Boyden Therapy in this online testimonial with Deborah.

My initial reaction was the joy of discovering the Pesso Boyden methodology the humane sensitive and intelligent form of therapy that underpins your coaching.

This approach seemed to draw me gently back to my original and creative self-allowing me to discover new ways to heal and break free from past traumatic events that were holding back my potential.

Deborah’s approach yielded positive results in both a large and a much smaller and intimate group. As an artist I was drawn to Deborah’s coaching by the idea of ‘unblocking’ and ‘being free to create’ as I knew this was my long-term goal, just to be the happy and creative me I was born to be but I also recognised unhelpful stubborn patterns embedded in my mind by past traumas that needed shifting. I am impressed with the integrated approach that attends to body and mind this allowed me to see clearly how the two are intrinsically connected. I found new answers to very old questions allowing me to let the old unhelpful data go and focus on the new.

I have had significant challenges in my life with anxiety over many years. I have seen various therapists and learned different skills to help me to manage my anxiety, and to identify various things in the past that were still triggering issues around anxiety in the present. And although I’d been able to develop strategies to lessen the impact, they have on my day-to-day life, I’d not been able to work out how to reprogram myself, to reduce the triggers happening.

I started to see Deb for group Pesso Boyden sessions last year, and it has been transforming. Deborah is great at explaining what is going on, at putting people at ease and creating an environment that feels safe. Within the sessions, I always felt that I had choices, of how far to go, of what I felt able to say or not. As we wrestled with deep questions and experiences, Deb held the space in a way in which I always felt safe.

For me the sessions have really helped me to connect deeply within my body, to create physical and emotional memories of what it is to feel really safe and connected within myself. I am learning to trust my inner voice, and through the sessions it has been like a deep re-integration of body, mind and spirit. I have a deeper felt sense of what it means to be safe, to be whole, to be me. I am more able to cope well with the interesting twists and turns of life, the challenges that arise, to trust my own intuition and hear my own voice.

When I woke up the following day it literally felt like someone had taken my brain out, changed it and then popped it back in again. A friend said to me on Friday, “Wow! You look different, something has changed, what have you done?” And without thinking, what came out of my mouth was, “I have stepped into my power”

Deborah is incredibly skilled and intuitive. She provided a real sense of safety enabling me to access some profound, core healing. Throughout the structure I felt held by her presence. She used her knowledge combined with her patience and perseverance to ensure that all my needs were met, as well as those of the support team. Since the structure my life is transforming in a way, I never thought possible. I cannot thank Deborah enough for this new-found sense of freedom and belonging which means I feel more equipped to fulfil my life’s purpose. I look forward to working with her again and highly recommend the experience of a Pesso Boyden structure.

Thank you again for coming to do such incredible work with us! The session went not as I had imagined at all. Totally humbled. It’s so beautiful to see how life brings what you need at that time and nothing more. I have felt very content since and very calm. Almost like between the first and the second day with you a full cycle of something was processed. All in all Deborah, I can’t thank you enough! I can recommend this work to everyone and will be doing so!

I cannot do justice to this amazing therapy. If you are looking for a highly effective, efficient way to deal with childhood issues and to find the freedom to be happy and healthy emotionally, this is up there with the best therapies available. Now I have cut my hair and feel able to choose dress differently. This is how I know I have changed. I don’t feel frightened any more, before I felt powerless.

Two days ago, I went for my second session of what has been called the Therapist’s Therapy – Pesso Boyden, with Deborah Clarke in Oxfordshire. Now, I am a trained counsellor and had ten years of Gestalt psychotherapy plus countless workshops since. And nothing that I have witnessed comes close to the efficiency of this method for getting quickly to the heart of and healing past trauma. Through a series of role-play structures using objects, we get to externalise our inner world and see more clearly than ever before our reactions to people and events in the past. We then get to create the ‘ideal’ parents in the ideal context and rewrite the movie of our life. To the rational brain this sounds ridiculous and pointless, I know. But these structures have a power to transform the inner narrative that both drives and confines our functioning in the world. It is literally like rewiring your brain and senses!

After both sessions I felt as if potentials which had lain dormant all of my life, which I was unaware of, came to life. Who I can be, who I actually am, suddenly expanded. And there is NOTHING more exciting than that!!

I was struck by the fact at the beginning of the day I was in a room full of strangers, but the group was wonderfully present and respectful. I can really relate to the woman who at the end of the day said ‘what the f**k just happened here?’ It was so different to the way we communicate in the world.

Moment to moment it was incredible exercise in love and in present. The issues people dealt with were not exactly the same as me, but it was all attachment issues and I could relate to everyone in that respect. It was an emotional experience. Watching people never allowed to be children, being bereft. I understood these experiences and here I can get my own needs met. Now I feel closer to my real mother, father and sister. I can feel the little girl, then I can understand the delayed response, the façade that comes up to protect myself because of the things that happened to me early on.

I have found Pesso Boyden Therapy to be one of the most effective therapies I have ever experienced. Because you do not work within your conscious brain, it is difficult to find words to describe it, because when I am in the process it is just magic. The new programme is re-written in your history.

I appreciated the transparency of all of it, the secrets out there for all to see. What we have hidden for so long, to allow us to be raw with our emotions, something we can never do in the outside world, enable us to have our feelings. These secrets we were being forced to keep now ripped out, now they don’t have to be secret.

Every therapy I have tried as helped me but Pesso Boyden therapy gets you there quicker than anything else. I have had six sessions, and after each one I feel like a completely different person to the one who went into the session.

I started having Pesso Boyden with Deborah 2 years ago. I am a therapist myself and have had many different forms of therapies. All these therapies have helped in some way. However, Pesso Boyden seems to get deeper and create greater shifts and now I only use Pesso Boyden.

My trauma occurred as a very young child and I had learnt to dissociate as a way to survive. Talking therapies were helpful but couldn’t shift the trauma from my body. The structure of a Pesso Boyden session helps to shift these stuck emotions without me having to try and figure it out.

Deborah talks about a new map replacing the old one and this has happened after every session. I am a different person to who I was 2 years ago, more whole and integrated, not living by the same limiting beliefs.

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