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Wingwave  is definitely a very effective way of clearing old patterns and beliefs. I have been learning to swim in the sea.  But I was fearful of moving out of my depth. After a session of wingwave I was able to be in the waves and not panic. I had a more one session with Deborah and am now much more confident in the waves.


I found WingWave totally liberating. It honestly felt like a miracle cure. Deborah helped me overcome rising anxiety about motorcycling. In a single session, she completely removed the physical sensations of panic and they have not returned.

Deborah has worked with me for approximately 18 months, as my life coach working successfully through a number of personal and work related issues. Deborah’s approach is all about making the recipient look at the issues that need to be confronted and then finding ways to help deal with and ultimately resolve them. Her style is non confrontational and in many cases fun to do, which makes tackling the issues less daunting. Deborah is patient, funny and very intuitive.

I would happily recommend Deborah to anyone.

Beware though; Deborah’s methods are not pain free. You are rigorously challenged to look deep within yourself not only to promote the characteristics that that are good about you but to honestly face and understand the characteristics that are holding you back. Understanding the totality of such characteristics about yourself allows Deborah to guide you to achieving your aspirations.

I have gained from Deborah an ability to focus more positively and build on my strengths with honest and productive self-criticism where I feel I have let my standards drop or in area that I need to improve. Ultimately, through Deborah’s coaching you will become more positive about yourself and your abilities.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

Mark Twain

Deborah is excellent at helping me to focus on my priorities and to tap into what energises me, which I am convinced has been instrumental in helping me to be clear about how to grow my business – I would recommend Deborah to anyone who wants to take a regular time out for themselves in a structured and beneficial session each month.”

I can honestly say that the coaching I have had with Deborah has had a significant impact on my effectiveness at work and my satisfaction with life in general. I would recommend coaching as a powerful learning method and management tool and I would endorse Deborah as an excellent coach.

Deborah has an engaging style and is a great listener she is capable of making you feel relaxed from the first meeting. She has a natural sense of fun and can put across real challenges to your perception of yourself that do affront or offend. Her natural demeanour and style make being honest about yourself and your beliefs and behaviours easy, without embarrassment.

Her charm and listening skills cloak the depth of coaching tools and skills which Deborah applies with ease and seamlessly, thereby providing the perfect coaching solution; that is someone you like being with who provides enormous benefit. I owe a lot to Deborah for my recent successes across the whole spectrum of my life and have recommended her to many of my friends.

I wholeheartedly endorse her work as a coach.

Through coaching I began to explore not only work issues, but life issues and function as a person both in work and life. Deborah provided a safe environment to think things through, and make sense of things and be creatively and get ‘out of the box’! It has given me the boost and confidence to try, do and explore things that I wouldn’t have done in the past. I have achieved a lot of new things as a result of Deborah’s coaching. It has changed my life!

Deborah is one of those fortunate individuals who is doing what she is meant to be doing in this lifetime!

She’s an attentive and compassionate listener who creates a comfortable space for one to reach deep within themselves and bring out to the open.

She is talented at identifying personality traits and communicates the subtleties with ease. I would describe her at times like a spotless mirror, helping you visualise yourself more easily,

Deborah’s profound coaching experience has meant that on occasions where we reached a block, she would have the right tools, enabling me to push beyond it. My 12 month journey so far with her has helped me rediscover my career path (and beyond) bringing me closer to a congruent lifestyle.

I feel very fortunate being coached by Deborah and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to become a discernibly more evolved version of oneself.

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